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    Wow.... galing.. thanks for sharing! 29.jpg
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    thanks for sharin!!!
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    wow! tnx 4 sharing poh
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    in fairness to the album cover naman, it's "revolutionary". in my opinion, it was a huge leap from the image that sarah has. i felt like there was a missed step from the Becoming album cover to this one. but all in all, it's ok. well, as long as sarah's there, it's always ok. hehehe! spoton.gif

    si sir Paul B rin ba ang may concept nung SGIM? kasi i looove the mag, parang yun siguro ang missing link. hehehe!
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    thanks for sharing
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    extreme naman ang ganda.

    very nice review

    buti naman at napansin nila na di maganda back up vocals s album hehe

    dapt ngang damihan nila ang irerelease sa album para di msayang,gaganda pa naman

    dapat irelease ang WHAT IF I kung hindi mauubos na tlga pasensya ko sa viva wehehe
  • great review! considering na hindi siya fan. and taas ng rating. woohoo. sana may mahikayat na magbuy,

    at halos lahat potential hit talaga!
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  • Amazing review!!! Great work Sarah. ^_^
  • roshie wrote on Sep 1 2007, 03:04 PM:
    extreme naman ang ganda.

    very nice review

    buti naman at napansin nila na di maganda back up vocals s album hehe

    dapt ngang damihan nila ang irerelease sa album para di msayang,gaganda pa naman

    dapat irelease ang WHAT IF I kung hindi mauubos na tlga pasensya ko sa viva wehehe

    yup sana nga damihan nila ung songs na irrelease, kc ungv sa becoming sa totoo lng nanghinayang ako, ang dami ng magagandang songs dun kaso di naman nailabas lahat.
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    Gosh! SUPER ganda ng album na 'to kaya bili na kayo. Lets support our idol. Take care & God bless. ^__^
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    Bought this album..
    Sarah's voice seems more mature here compared
    to her previous recordings.

    But I like it! biggrin.gif
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    Pag ako nagdadrive paulit ulit lang 'tong album na 'to.
    Memorize na nga ng mommy ko. Hehe... biggrin.gif
  • oo nga!...
    ang ganda nga ng pagkakagawa ng album...
    tsaka ang ganda ng kuha ng mga pictures niya sa album...
    basta!...the best!..hehe
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    34.jpg Excellent Review!!! Very well said!!
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    sarah's best album para sa akin... ganda din ng album cover
  • shouran potter wrote on Aug 29 2007, 08:31 PM:
    OPMusikahan Review: Taking Flight


    Taking Flight
    Artist: Sarah Geronimo
    Record Label: Viva Records
    Released: 2007

    Concept & Design: 3.9 out of 5.0
    Album Material: 4.9 out of 5.0
    Sounds & Vocals: 4.4 out of 5.0
    Total Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0

    Finally, Sarah's most-awaited fourth studio album has arrived, and I can't be any happier to realize that this album, unlike its predecessor (Becoming), celebrates a full line of Original Pilipino Music (OPM)! Not only is the album filled with some of this year's most beautiful and well-crafted tracks, but it also showcases Sarah's vocal maturity.

    Louie Ocampo pens a masterpiece with "I'll Be Alright," the album's carrier single. The message is so touching as it talks about Sarah's reassurance to her family that, now that she's all grown-up and ready to face a new world, she will truly be alright. Accompanied with a very simple tune, this song is something worthy of being called an instant classic.

    Medwin Marfil of True Faith wrote the catchy song, "Ikaw," allowing Sarah to step into a unique musical genre that she surprisingly renders really well.

    A revival of Bituin Escalante's "I'm Sorry" is the most challenging and powerful song in the album. Sarah starts off afinado and emotional, it almost makes you break down in tears. Towards the end, a few awkward nuances are noticeable, especially in the song's crescendo, where Sarah slightly falters as she attempts to reach the lung-busting notes. However, Sarah redeems herself with heartfelt lines in the end of the song that make you forgive her minute shortcomings.

    Sarah's duet with Mark Bautista, "Time to Let Go," is so original that it's one to be compared to an international love song. Mark and Sarah's voices blend so well that you could feel the song's every single line.

    Trina Belamide's "So" is simple yet deep in its meaning, an evident characteristic found in many of Ms. Belamide's love songs. Sarah renders the song very well and incorporates so much emotion that it goes right through the listener's heart.

    "Close To My Heart" is the second composition of Louie Ocampo in the album. The song's melody is something that could literally cross borders and capture the hearts of avid listeners outside the country with its exceptional appeal.

    Sarah breezes through the melodic shifts in another Trina Belamide composition entitled "What If I." The song has the makings of a potential hit.

    Actor-turned-composer Chuckie Dreyfus contributes the album's upbeat track, "Miss," a surefire hit to the country's new generation of avid listeners with its modern, catchy beat and straightforward lyrics. Sarah shows her potential in songs of this caliber, evidently exposing her vocal versatility.

    The inspiring "I'll Be Here" is so beautiful and heartwarming that it would be unfair not to find this song skyrocketing to the top of music charts and staying there for weeks. The emotion is indescribable, and Sarah's vocal shifts are very dramatic.

    To lighten up a little, Sarah sings a simple and upbeat track by Drizzle Nuniz entitled "Mr. Deadma." Not only is the song another testimony of Sarah's potential in this musical genre, but its probability of becoming a hit (especially to the teenage crowd) is a no-brainer.

    Chuckie Dreyfus' second contribution to the album is the emotional "Kahit Na." The beautiful song is a simple reminder to Sarah's fans that singing love songs is still where she hits home. The song puts the album to a dramatic close.

    Sarah's fourth album is simply her best yet. The popstar princess has evolved so much vocal-wise that she's ready to become a full-fledged diva. All of the songs are unique and beautiful, it makes me proud to say that I favor them a thousand-fold over the supposedly "international" songs from Sarah's "Becoming" album.

    However, there are a few notes to consider in this album. I have noticed in many of Viva's albums how awkwardly out-of-tune their backup vocalists are. There has to be something done to improve the quality of the backup vocals, otherwise, I regret to say that I'd rather listen to Sarah's songs without them.

    Secondly, what is up with the concept of this album? Why the "Super Sarah" image? I was shocked and appalled by the said concept as I was expecting something completely different and elegant. If Viva was attempting to show a more mature Sarah, why not incorporate the diva image? The album cover, what with all the "super-energy" coming out of Sarah, is simply ridiculous.

    In the end, it's not just the design that makes the album whole, but the songs that are in it. I must say that the superficial flaws of the album are easily put aside and forgiven by the quality of the songs, thanks to the album's exceptionally talented composers and songwriters.

    Sarah is truly taking flight and ready to break out of her popstar princess image to become one of the country's newest certified divas.

    Link: http://opmusikahan.blogspot.com/2007/08/re...ing-flight.html

    tnx po 4 sharing
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    tnx po for sharing ayii!!

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    lahat ng songs...superb 5.jpg

    inuulit ulit ko grabe ang gaganda....late na comment ko toinkz..hahaha
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    di nakakasawang ulit-ulitin ang album na ito...
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