PANGARAP NA BITUIN [Sarah, Maja, Rica & Jericho]



  • by the way, super cute ng jewel little girls!!! I love them so much...

    bye PNB! 42.jpg alt=':42sgCry2:' ] bye2.gif
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    Great Ending!!!! HAHA Good Job Bridget in Confessing everything!!!! Yay! nakulong si Lena!!! good luck Lena in jail hope you like Alberta's crew hehe WOW! naging high class Manager si Cocoy! Congrats and his assistant is Chorva and that guy that worked for Alberta is working for Cocoy now too hehehe. What do you have to say now Alberta? Cocoy is now a super good manager hehe Go Papi Burns Go!! naging talk show host hehe. At least Alberta and Benedict are back on good turns congrats too both. At least nothing happened to Bridget she just walked free out of all this except for the loss of her father. w00t Jeffrey and Ruby duet on stage as well as Emerald and Terrence duet hehe Finally Pangarap na Bituin by the real jewel sisters!!!! i loved the ending hehe everybody went up on stage and Ruby brought along Bridget how nice!!! still i can't believe its already over seems like it started yesterday xD Good job to the cast im gonna miss you all!!!!!! forgot to mention Sarah looked REAL!!! good in that black n white shirt!

    PS: what was controversial ending they were talking about? lol through the entire episode i was looking for something major to happen like they're father would appear out of nowhere or somebody important was gonna die lol
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    Congratulations to the cast of PNB! Very touchy ang ending. I hope there will be more teleserye to come for Sarah. She's a real gem. Hindi lang siya magaling kumanta at mag perform, magaling na rin siya umarte. She's trully the biggest star ever! 10.jpg
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    i can't believe PNB is over...i was crying on the scene where the sister are crying. Haaaaay, now I don't have PNB to look forward to everyday. The ending was a little hanging for me and then the Emerence storyline just ended as them being best friends? nothing more? what's the use of heightening up their storyline to where Emerald finally confessed her feelings if it's only gonna end as friends? Newayz, guess i was just expecting more. But overall, I was really impressed w/ Sarah's acting. Even her scenes w/ Jericho was more relaxed, hindi na siya naiilang. Kudos to our pop princess! I hope we don't have to wait long until her next project. Can't wait to her again.
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    PNB makes me really cry... hu hu hu... not because the ending is really a dramatic or there's a heavy because NO MORE PNB.... that's what im really cried of.... I dunno why... uhm.gif alt=':huh:' ]
    I feel that i will really miss a very important thing that part of my life.... I really don't know unsure.gif alt=':unsure:' ]
    I'm sure most oy you feel the same thing.... 20.gif alt='*cry' ] 20.gif alt='*cry' ] 20.gif alt='*cry' ]
    Congratulations to all cast and crew .... the best thing was we learned something ...
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    how is it that the other love team managed to shoot new pa cute scenes and emerrence were just made to content themselves with flasbacks aka re-hashed scenes? so many possibilities for a great emerrence ending, i give up on the PNB production staff ... maybe sarah should work with a different production team next time... anyway congrats are in order for the great cast in this soap esp. sarah as emerald and to the person responsible for shooting down the emrrence love story, forget you! and i hope it does not take a year before sarah can make another soap...
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    Nakakatuwa naman extra pa si Tita Cristy! smile.gif
  • c'mon super ang ganda ng pnb the controversial ending heheheh!! 14.jpg alt=':142sgThumb2:' ] !
    ang sayah talaga ganda ganda!! anggaling.gif alt=':astig:' ] !

    ''---super ganda ni Sarah kagabeh!!!
    parang bago xang kasal nung duet sila ni terr.. wahhehehhe!!!
    ganda ng mga outfits nila !!!
    21.jpg alt=':21sgBungi2:' ]
    giv pnb a round of applause and 100 yes claps hehehh!!!
    ang cute nung mga little jewel sis..!!

    pero naiyak ako kagabe kc naman tapos na la na ko aabangan!!wahhh! 9.jpg
    congratss na lang!!
    buk 2 plsssssssssss..........!

    ung mga bata sa ground floor sa amin nag aaway sila if kung sinu sa knila si emeng heheheh!!!
    saulo pa pangyayari sa pnb!! un daw fave.nila n palabas!!
    wahhh!!!.... maaga na cguro me makaktulog wahh!! mor showss 4pot!
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    It was a Controversial Ending because....this is my Theory...THE REAL LIFE CONTROVERSY...The soap was given 70 episodes, BUT i think it had the possibility of being extended till January of 2008, IF IF the ratings were high. Though because the ratings throughout its run was not very high, and Pinoy Big Brother had better ratings from the start, that show was instead given the extension and not Pangarap Na Bituin. And thus, the reason for the rush-rush of the storylines, the quick revealing ending and so on! That's the real Controversy...OR THAT'S WHAT I THINK!!!

    ANYWAYS....the final episode was not no amazing ending...BUT the performances done by the whole cast was beautiful! Rica definitely stole the scene with her confession moment, I definitely teared. Cherry Pie or Tita A, again displayed her skills and gave a touching scene with the husband. Ruby's accidental kiss to Jeffrey was so CUTE, and her reaction afterwards...I couldn't stop laughing. We saw what became of everyone, Cocoy, Chorva, Papi, and Benedict, and even Lena and Jimbo, BUT we did not see what happened between Terrence and Emerald. I guess it starts and ends with being bestfriends, right!?! Noo!!!....Boo!!! hehe...Kikay21...ur exactly right, what's the point of devoting half of the show to Terrence and Emeralds relationship, to end their story like that, with no proper closure! So sad that they did not give a single kilig emerrence moment! Like wat dorina123 said to the writers of the Emerrence lovestory...FORGET YOU!!!!!!! was a bittersweet ending for me. Really going to miss watching this soap on TFC! Sarah Geronimo has definitely showcased her versatility as an actress. Her acting ability has totally enhanced from past performances. I hope to see her as well as Maja and Cathy in other tv shows. All wonderful actresses, who all deserve a better team of people who will trully provide the exposure and give a 100 percent dedication to a show. Hopefully, the three of them will do a COMEDY TV SHOW because they are crazy and hilarious together, the chemistry is there!!!

    One last thing to mention...I know Sarah is devoted to her fans, epsecially her young fans, but she needs to get herself out of this "TEEN" image and come out as a young women!! If not, I think she will be limited to doing just that. And isn't that what we are waiting for, to see her bloom into more bold daring roles!! COME ON SARAH!!!!

    alright...waiting for the next project of this amazing individual...HURRY!!! until then, I will go back to my PNB video vault and reminisce....HAHAH!!
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    huhu. i'll miss them. nice ending.
  • grabe, ang tagal ko na naman di nakapunta dito!

    dami ko na naman babasahin pero gusto ko muna i-congratulate ang buong casts and staff nang PNB, job well done guys!!! and para sa aming prinsesa!!! clapping.gif alt=':yey:' ] 20.jpg alt=':20sgClap:' ]

    honestly, yung ending ok naman, maganda [img] mejo parang ang bilis nga lang.. ewan, siguro marami lang akong inexpect na di pinakita gaya na lang sa emerrence.. more kilig scenes sana, yung tipong my "mahal kita" ulit!! hehe..[/img]wub2.gif alt=':x' ]

    ANYWEIS, HANGGANG SA MULING TELESERYE NI Sarah!!!! 29.jpg go sarah
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    Congrats to Sarah and the PNB cast! I will truly miss this was too short but one of my favorites! Although I'm one of many who complain about the lack of Emerrence scenes, happy na rin ako sa duet nila and flasback of cute scenes...bagay talaga! Bagay pa ang song na "Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal" for them...sana title nang new teleserye nila, hehe...wishing!

    I really did enjoy this show kahit bigla nabago ang flow nang story and nag rush towards the end.

    Hopefully, Sarah will do another teleserye...sana lovestory naman...sana si Echo din ang ka loveteam! I'm gonna miss youtube ko na lang sila makikita!

    Thanks PNB!
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    sa wakas napanood ko din ang finale....i'm quite happy with the ending....kasi natupad din sa wakas yung inaasam asam kong duet ng emerrence ng favorite song ko "di ka mawawala sa puso ko" it makes sense kung bakit hindi pinakanta sa kanila yun sa ASAP...pang finale pala sya...altho emerald introduced terrence as a bestfriend, sinabi din naman nya na isa sya sa pinakamahalagang tao sa buhay nya at siempre yung song na dinedicate nya kay terrence says it all "bakit labis mahal kita?" it's up for interpretation kung mag-best friends lang nga sila o more tha friends na...i just wish meron man lang kahit beso beso either before or after ng duet nila...

    i am so sad that this is the end already...i will miss watching sarah everyday at siempre ang paghihintay kung may emerrence moment ba o wala...sana talaga masundan ng project para kay echo at sarah...sana maisama ni sarah si echo sa future US tours nya...

    becoz of PNB, i have become a fan of jericho...he's definitely one of the best actors of his generation...he belongs right up there with piolo and john lloyd...i just hope that abs will give him a better treatment becoz he deserves it...

    who i really thought was a revelation was nikki gil...i didn't know marunong pala sya umarte and she's such a natural beauty...maganda sya kahit walang make up...of course, who would forget chorva?...cathy gonzaga is sooo much funnier than toni...

    sayang naman ang galing ni joel torre...parang napabayaan na yung character nya towards the end...ginawa na lang syang pang-background...

    and finally, up to now my $64 question, what ever happened to the ring that terrence gave emerald?...i really thought it would have some relevance later on pero wala lng dinis-regard lng....parang nagka-amnesia yata ang mga writers ng show...
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    eto tlga ang reason kung bakit 'controversial'

    [img] Uulitin.png[/img] alt=':Emeng Uulitin:' ] salikod ni Rica (Tita C and Tess) wohoo!!! 13.jpg alt=':13bungi1:' ] 20.jpg
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    oooppps!!...sorry "bakit labis kitang mahal" pala...sana nga gawing next teleserye nina sarah at echo...

    btw, napansin ko naka-nail polish si sarah at mahaba ang nails nya dun sa concert scene nila...nagdadalaga na talaga si Sarah!
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    ladyluck13 wrote on Dec 7 2007, 11:42 PM:
    oooppps!!...sorry "bakit labis kitang mahal" pala...sana nga gawing next teleserye nina sarah at echo...

    btw, napansin ko naka-nail polish si sarah at mahaba ang nails nya dun sa concert scene nila...nagdadalaga na talaga si Sarah!

    sana nga next teleserye nila! ako na lang ang writer, haha..!
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    I think nagkatuluyan sila ni emerald at terrence kasi di naman nya binabalik ang ring na bigay nito. kaya whatever happens sila pa rin dalawa.

    Ang cute talaga ni Sarah kahit and dami nilang scene ni jericho parang nahihiya pa rin sya nung nag duet sila. mukhang si jericho ang bago nyang crush ha. di ba ganyan din sya kay piolo nung una kasi may crush sya dito.

    Sayang nga lang talaga dahil I think ang dami pang maraming pwedeng gawin sa teleserye na ito kasi ang daming loopholes. I'm sure they intend to prolong this kasi yung editing iba iba hindi sya nag tutugma. And as far as rating is concern out of all the teleserye nila ang PNB lang may mataas na rating noh!! Yung iba nga na hindi medyo mataas, napahaba nila ang istorya yung sa pangarap na bituin pa. Ay naku, let's stop na. Basta proud ako kay Sarah dahil napakita nya ang pagiging mahusay nyang actress and with her god fearing and her humbleness, surely god will truly bless her in some other ways it may not be now but we know that Sarah is here to stay in this business.

    I'm sure in time, Sarah will develop to be the woman God intend her to be. Wag natin syang madaliin, there's always a time for everything. At notice naman natin na she is indeed growing to be a beautiful woman, so I'm sure in time mag evolve din sya sa tamang panahon.

    And yes, hopefully bigyan ulit sya nang teleserye. Of course, all of us, her fans will be waiting and will always support her in all the things she does may it be going back to school, performing in a concerts, taping a movie/teleserye or simply just being Sarah. Lagi kaming nandito para sa kanya, kapag happy sya happy na rin kami.

    I'm truly going to miss this show, Thank you to all the PNB cast and staff.

    Sarah, Thank you and God bless!!! new_littleangel.gif
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    AshYeLLow wrote on Dec 8 2007, 03:41 PM:
    eto tlga ang reason kung bakit 'controversial'

    [img] Uulitin.png[/img] alt=':Emeng Uulitin:' ] salikod ni Rica (Tita C and Tess) wohoo!!! 13.jpg alt=':13bungi1:' ] 20.jpg

    hehehe,..i2 po pla ang controversial eh,...nacapture sa cam,..hehehe
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    i finally saw the last episode! talagang di makatulog nang di pinapanood eh. hehe!

    spoton.gif alt=':T' ]

    it was a nice wrap up, not earth-shattering but i'm already expecting that it's gonna be a conclusion-type of epi. parang sort of open pa nga for a part 2, although at a completely different angle na siguro ang story. hehe! shempre, umaasa pa rin akong may book 2... bitin ang Emerrence story eh. in fairness, making this epi mtv-ish adds effect, instead of the usual cheesy lines that insult the viewers' intellect in spotting the obvious. hehe!

    the characters were given their respective "time" to shine... some more prominent than the others, pero tingin ko yung major characters were given enough storyline and air time naman.

    pretty ni sarah! ang seksi din! sleazy.gif alt=';)' ] dalagang-dalaga na talaga. overall, i'd say she's improved a great deal talaga in the acting department. and dang, she's only 19! spoton.gif alt=':T' ] magaling na nga sya dun sa BWN, ginulat nya pa rin tayo dito sa PNB. sana meron pang next teleserye.

    ps. dun sa intro ng kanta ni Emerald na "Bakit Labis kitang Mahal"... akala ko "No Ordinary Love" ang kakantahin nya. na-fake ako. laugh.gif alt=':lol:' ]

    amgonmish PNB. bye2.gif alt=':cry:' ] starting now na. tongue.gif
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    maganda na rin ang ending ng ubod ng ganda si Emerald lalo na doon sa
    duet nila ni Terrence.....actually, sa mga sinabi ni Emeng ng inintroduce niya si Terrence,
    parang si Terrence is her bestfriend and the most important person in her life....o di ba,
    ibig sabihin, sila na nga.....hahahaha tapos na, gusto ko pa rin sila ang nagkatuluyan.

    naawa ako talaga kay Bridget at parang nawala na rin ang galit ko kay Ms. A....pero
    kay Lena, natuwa ako ng parang bubugbugin siya noong mga inmates....hanggang sa
    kulungan, si Ms. A pa rin ang si Jimbo, mukhang tumino at parang love niya
    ang anak niyang si Terrence.

    ang napansin ko lang sa PNB, ang daming mga characters na ang ganda ng roles noong
    una, pero biglang mga nabale wala ang mga ito at mas marami talagang time na
    inilaan kina Ruby at Jeffrey, actually, hanggang sa ending ng PNB.....ang tingin ko,
    ginamit lang ang PNB para i-promote ang loveteam nila.....that sucks!!! Sana, sa
    susunod na project ni Sarah, hindi na mangyari ito....hindi fair na gamitin si Sarah
    para lang mai-promote yong mga alaga nila.....that's not fair.....ito ang reason kung bakit
    madalas na ilipat namin ang channel kaya napanood namin yong soaps noong kabila. yeahrite.gif
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