SGIM US Tour 2007 - adeno takes flight!

Aug. 17, 2007 (Dayton) - Sept. 3, 2007 (Los Angeles) - CompletedTable of Contents - naks organized pa! 13.jpg alt=':13bungi1:' /> Day 1 - August 17, 2007

So my journey begins with a 4 hour drive from home (Reno, NV) to San Jose Airport, followed by a 4 hour flight to Atlanta, followed by a 2 hour flight then arriving in Dayton, Ohio - August 17 @ 9am. I planned my trip about 2 weeks in advance, so I was not aware of when Sarah and the rest would arrive... by luck (or coincidence), I received news that they would arrive only MINUTES after my own arrival at Dayton... so I prepared myself for the Geronimos' reaction to my presence in the other end of the US..

Tita Divine - "Anthony?? Nandito ka din pala?"

Upon their arrival (which was no more than 30 minutes after my own arrival), I let the welcoming crowd jump on them with pictures and gifts and stood to the side. Tito Delfin was moving around them, and spotted me instantly, saying, "Oi Anthony.. kamusta ka na?" From his expression, nagulat din cya but didn't seem that surprised. Princess Bautista was the second to find me and she couldn't believe I was here, saying (in Bisaya) "You're here too?? Is this where you're from?" To which I replied, "Nope, I live about 3000 miles away from here.."

The group went to get their luggages at baggage claim, and I took this opportunity to say hi to Sarah, who was (surprisingly) not surprised to see me. I felt slight nervousness as I approached her, as it was near 1 year since I had been in her presence. I went to Tita Divine who had been busy finding her luggages. She pointed to one and said "Atin yun" and I grabbed it for her. It was then that she recognized me tongue.gif alt=':p' /> I greeted her and laughed at her reply, "Anthony?? Nandito ka din pala?" I replied back, "O po naman, I'm here too. Nagulat po ba kayo? Hehe.." Sabi pa nya, "Oo, akala ko sa San Jose ka lang eh"

patikim lang muna yan.. this is only the first half hour encounter of the first day.. ate Beng paki-check if my kwentos are actually right, at those times when you were with me tongue.gif alt=':p' />

Continuation: Aug. 17, 2007 - Part 2


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    ang onti! hahaha! sa haba ng adventures mo Ton, and at this rate you're posting, it might take you half a year to finish sharing everything! laugh.gif alt=':lol:' ]

    let the feast... begin! spoton.gif
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    salamat sa pag share Anthony! [img] hintay lang kami ng kasunod[/img]48.jpg alt=':48sgBungi4:' ] i'm sure mas marami pang exciting things to come sa mga kwento mo. thanks! 52.jpg
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    Thank you sa kwento Ton... wait namin ang continuation... 11.jpg
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    Wow at talagang may Adeno's version pa! NAKS!!!! hehe!

    Sabagay sa dami ba naman ng araw na present ka sa mga US tour ni Sarah?! at alam ko simula pa lang yan, at tama sabi ni Beng, matatagalan pa para matapos mo lahat ng kwento, SA DAMI!!! haha!!!

    Basta HAPEE parin ako for you..... alam mo na yun! Hihintayin namin ang mga susunod pang kwento ha?! hehe!

    thanks BRO!
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    yess... finally, kuya ton! [img] may kuwento na hahaha.... pero intro pa lang (patikim)... looking forward to hear the rest![/img]sleazy.gif
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    nice may patikim na! biggrin.gif alt=':D' ]

    salamat spoton.gif

    waiting for the future kwentos.........
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    naks, anthony's version.... sana sinagot mo kay tita divine..." hindi po ako si ton, twin nya po!" hehe...
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    Day 1 - August 17, 2007 - Part 2

    So, exactly why did I come all the way to Dayton, Ohio? Gosh I don't know tongue.gif (or do I?)
    After seeing Sarah again, dressed simply in yellow with her shades, parang na starstruck ulit ako (what?? after seeing her yearly?).. but thankfully, big heavy luggages started to run right into me, so I went ahead and began helping them load up. One of the ladies who were part of the group to pick them up, gave me a pat on the back and said, "Buti na lang nandito ka, we could always use more porters! Haha!" Looking around, there were only two guys in the group, the line producer and myself (not including Tito Delfin). So... we know what that means then.. work for kuya Ton tongue.gif

    So we headed just to the outside of the airport building, and I saw the amount of luggage.. I was ready to faint (but I didn't, out of pity for ate Beng.. she had told me earlier that she couldn't pick me up if I ever fainted.. joke lang po tongue.gif).. meanwhile, I went to each of the artists, including Tita Divine, and had a little bit of chika time while we waited for the vans to appear. Nothing too fancy, just the usual "Kamusta na po kayo?" and "How was your flight?" Medyo nahiya nga ako lumapit sa mga artists, so I stayed with Tito and Tita D. most of the time. My famous question of that morning was, "Did you get any sleep?" where most of them answered, "Nope". Sarah looked refreshed enough, however.

    Sarah looks fairly refreshed even after a 4 hour plane ride.. thanks ate Beng for the pic

    So the vans appear, and the loading begins. If you have seen me do heavy work in person, I tend to sweat easily and very quickly depending on the weather. Well, it was hot in Dayton. I was drenched in sweat after about 5 minutes and it didn't help that I wore BLACK (not the SGIM shirt yet). Ate Beng had gone around to get her van, but the artists all fit in the van headed for the hotel, so I rode with Ate Beng and off to the hotel we go.

    "Where's my luggage? Imposible nakuha na ni Anthony.. ang dami nun!" laugh.gif alt=':lol:' ]

    Along the way, I asked ate Beng, "Why am I here? Ang layo nito.. I haven't been east of Las Vegas in over 10 years tongue.gif" to which ate Beng simply laughed at me. Arriving at hotel lobby, we helped them with luggages again and carried them to their rooms. In my mind I thought, "Um... are luggages going to be the story of my life for this tour?" I would get my answer near the end of my SGIM US tour session tongue.gif We crashed at the hotel (Crowne Plaza Hotel) for the next few hours, in preparation for the upcoming meet and greet later that night.

    Ate Beng being very perceptive (or just got the info from the production staff), found out Sarah's room number. I'm just wondering why she didn't take a pic of the door/room number tongue.gif (just kidding.. peace po tayo ate Beng). I don't remember how many times we went in and out the hotel room, fetching food, luggages, etc. By around 3pm (6 hours since their arrival), I was tired but not enough to really go to sleep. After all, with Sarah around, WALANG TULUGAN! (Also the story of my life the entire SGIM US tour).

    Now, I know a lot of you didn't expect me to be in Ohio.. ate Beng agreed to keep my secret that I would be making an appearance, just for fun.. and as a surprise to the Geronimos. Seems like I can never surprise Sarah regardless of what I do, however.

    Anyways, rest muna until the first meet and greet session later in the afternoon. Intermission time for this part of the kwento. Part 3 to come next tongue.gif

    Continuation: Day 1 Part 3 - Promos and WAL-MART!
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    thanks po kuya ton for the kwento... nakakatuwa nmn...para n rin kme nandun thru your kwento...

    ang galing po ng memory nyo.. tlgang very detailed po ang inyong kwento... ginawa nyo rin po b ang ginawa ni ate beng? take note and memos...

    mag-antay po kme... thanks po ulit..
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    thanks for sharin po!!! we'll be waiting po for mas maraming wentos. 26.jpg
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    salamat Ton...'to na ang umpisa ng Ton's version..."SGIM USA Tour Extravaganza". syempre hihintayin namin ang mga susunod....sasamahan ka namin sa adventure mo..

    again maraming least may patikim na.
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    Just checking if may nadagdag... 11.jpg
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    sobrang Thank You Kuya Adeno sa yong stories and I'm sure marami pang susunod right??!! hehehehe kaw ba naman na makasama mo si Sarah ng maraming araw.. grabe for sure babaha dito ng pix and kwentos right??!! hehehe.. Iintayin pa namin ang mga kasunod!!!
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    wow kuya!!!! ang saya saya ka dyan noh!! haha. sana nandoon ako. haha wish ko lang. 13.jpg alt=':13bungi1:' ] im so happy for u, u spent time wit her hehe whoa. 20.jpg
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    uy pare! asan na ang ibang kwento!!! MORE MORE MORE!!
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    Yeyyyyy, umpisa na ng kwento.....kahit ilang pages pa umabot, babasahin ko
    lahat....firsthand info lahat ang mababasa dito. Thanks Anthony for sharing.
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    thanks for the part 2 of your day 1!
    excited na ako sa mga susunod na mga kwento mo, parang PNB ito na araw-araw susubaybayan ko ang mga pangyayari sa 18 days mo with Sarah! 48.jpg
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    wow, tnx for sharing!!!
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    29.jpg alt=':29sgGoRosa:' ] wohoo! nakakabitin pero exciting 20.jpg alt=':20sgClap:' ]

    makiki join kami sa journey mo Kuya Anthony 10.jpg alt=':10sgHi:' ] belats.jpg
  • wow..super thanks po sa mga kwento kuya adeno!!

    kaabang abang ang bawat installment...parang series ito!!
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