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compilation in progressAfter going around the many questions floating around this forum, it would be nice to have a single place to find all the answers which are getting repetitive.

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-- Posting

1. Why can't I post a new topic under some forums?
Probably either you are in the Jr. Member usergroup and therefore are restricted from creating new topics in certain forums. You will need to become a full-fledged Member (reach 60 posts) before you can create new topics.

2. Why can't I view videos and/or other multimedia like sound files?
This pertains to the answer to question 1, where you need to be a full-fledged Member (reach 60 posts) without breaking our rules in order to view multimedia files.

3. What are these rankings that some members have? Champion? Platinum? etc.
These rankings are based on post count. As a member rises in the number of total posts they have, their ranking will increase accordingly. The requirements for each rank are shown below:

30 posts - Champion
150 posts - Gold
300 posts - Platinum
600 posts - Double Platinum
900 posts - Triple Platinum
1200 posts - Quadruple Platinum
1500 posts - Quintuple Platinum
1800 posts - 6X Platinum
2100 posts - 7X Platinum
2400 posts - 8X Platinum
2700 posts - 9X Platinum
3000 posts - 10X Platinum
3300 posts - 11X Platinum
3600 posts - 12X Platinum
3900 posts - 13X Platinum
4200 posts - 14X Platinum
4500 posts - 15X Platinum
4800+ posts - Hall of Famer

more to be added soon.
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