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    topgirl wrote on Sep 24 2009, 04:37 PM:
    wow mga expert pala sa photography and post processing mga tao dito!!!!

    ako nagsisimula pa lang.. simple camera pa lang gamit ko and im still reading around free tips...

    tama yan. read around muna. dami namang free tips sa net. good guide din yan site mo for beginners. best of all, free hahaha
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    mirk wrote on May 24 2009, 02:43 PM:
    Share ko lang, kuha ng kaibigan ng pinsan ko. Shot by nikod d40.





    nice! ang gaganda! spoton.gif
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    ChairC wrote on Apr 18 2009, 06:21 PM:
    Sony Ixus 55 - 1/3 inch bug


    ang ganda ng bug!! biggrin.gif
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    which brand is better? Nikon or Canon (SLR)?
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    ^ laugh.gif alt=':lol:' ] that's the same thing i asked my friends a few days ago, ate. my family have always been loyal to canon. pero ayun, it depends din sa photographer kung anong mas gamay. you can google the features din tas me mga comparison na din na lilitaw. hehe!

    plano ko dati, canon all the way. but i think, i'd switch to nikon na. hehe! i tried comparing pictures taken from canon and nikon. parang mas nagustuhan ko yung mga pics taken from nikon.

    but yeah,gaya nga rin ng sabi nila, it's not the camera naman eh, it's the photographer. sleazy.gif alt=';)' ] *bow*

    wooh! ang haba. biggrin.gif
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    how about Sony???
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    Share ko lang happy.gif

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    Hello po sa inyo! I just want to share this Jump Shot Photographed by me. smile.gif2yjvndc.jpg

    This one too.. smile.gif24extoz.jpg

    I'm using Canon Powershot A560.

    Looking forward pa po ako sa mga tutorials niyo regarding sa Photography. smile.gif
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    26DEC09 - Feeding the kids on Alindada
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    SUNSET @ lemery batangas yes.gif
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