Sarah Geronimo Superstar...



  • thanks for sharing!!!

    sarah geronimo is a true superstar...
  • tnx po sa pagshare...

    superstar talaga..
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  • ,.,thanks po for sharing,.,
    ,.,and congratz to our new SUPERSTAR,.,
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    maappeal kasi si sarah sa public eh...sosyal o jologs!!!! grabeh na 1 talaga!!! 45.jpg ..
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    thanks for sharing! sleazy.gif sarap basahin.
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    pwde din itawag kay SARAH ay "ASIA'S POP SUPERSTAR".agree ba kau??pwde nman dba??
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    well., lahat ng title sa kanya na., clapping.gif

    Sa lahat ng popster na bumoto na para sa leading man ni sarah., cenxa na kau kc inulit q ung poll may dinagdagan kc aq eh., ang botohan ay bunubugsan q na ulit, simula ngaun araw na September 04 to October 04 ang botohan, kung sinu ang manalo sa kanila xa ang maging leading man ni sarah.,para sa story n agagawin q, kaya boto na kau para sa paborito nyo leading man, e2 ang e mail add q sa fs para sa poll., tnx sa suporta.,
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    dapat lang no.SARAH the SUPERSTAR 58.jpg
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    go sarah go....
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    thanks for sharing!!!
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    Lets vote Sarah for NEXT BIG FEMALE STAR category in YES! Readers’ Choice Award 2008. Here is the link:
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    thanks ulit for sharing!!!
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    5.jpg alt=':52sgThumb:' ]

    [color="#0000FF"][/color] For me Sarah is not only a Superstar, but a Mega Superstar!!!!!!!!!!!! She is Simply Sarah........... Unique in every
    essence of the word...... No one comes close 28.jpg
  • super duper star!!haha may ganun ba??hahaha. parang wala naman yata.. haha ganda mo neng!0hahaha
    basta para samin ikaw, ikaw, ikaw, ikaw ikaw ikaw.. ang nag iisang sarah geronimo! Popstar Princess of the worLD!!!!
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    megan wrote on Aug 30 2008, 01:24 PM:

    By Isah V. Red
    Manila Standard Today
    Published by BAYANIHAN (Guam's Filipino Community) Pacific Daily News
    August 24, 2008

    I know there will be vehement, if not violent reactions, to this column's title from diehard Noranians here and abroad, but it seems that the time has come for them to accept that Nora Aunor, a dear friend and fellow Bicolano (she come from the city of Iriga in Camarines Sur and I from the poor town of Libon in the province of Albay), can now live in peace and quiet and relish her glory days as the Philippine's first superstar.

    And she should be happy that another girl is captivating the country's imagination, and enthralling millions of Filipinos with her performances as a singer and now drawing thousands to the multiplexes toto watch her in the movie "A Very Special Love."

    No, this isn't an exaggeration because I (along with other friends) queued for tickets at the Glorietta 4 cinemas to catch the 8:15 pm screening of the movie on it's opening day a few weeks ago. Lo and behold, the line of excited fans was already snaking around the lobby an hour before the scheduled screening.

    Glorietta 4 has a standing policy of no-SRO (Standing Room Only) but it seemed that on that particular screening, the policy was breached as there wee people standing at the back and others seated on the aisle.

    As the house lights dimmed after a spate of theatrical trailers and commercials for the main feature, the crowd settled down but not for long as they screamed in delight, laughed and even gave Sarah Geronimo's performance occasional but very enthusiastic applause.

    For nearly two hours, everyone (nearly a thousand people in the theater) was mesmarized by the girl from Sta. Cruz, Manila, who won the grand prize in an amateur singing contest on television with her nearly perfect comic timing, a natural flair for drama, and a naturalistic approach to acting.

    Surprisingly, she had John Lloyd Cruz in her palms and the poor guy had no choice but keep himself in acting cadence with the singer-tturned-actor in both the comedic and dramatic sequences.

    The movie opened with P14 million gross in more than a hundred screens across the archipelago, and that is no mean feat, specially these days when Tagalog-language movies are being thrashed at the box office by Hollywood blockbusters. This only proves that the new generation of Filipino movie audience is ready for their own screen heroine, not someone passed on to them by their parents or grandparents.

    The movie is in co-production between ABS-CBN's Star Cinema and Viva Films. Credits go as well to the effective promotion the network did for the movie, it did wonders for the creation of awareness for Sarah Geronimo's first full-length role. The plugs that runs till the wee hours had everyone saying, this must be some interesting stuff why not watch it.

    So, Vic Del Rosario Jr. is very elated over the box office results of his new movie. I was on the phone with him the day after I went to watch the movie to congratulate him personally. He said the box office results were not expected, but he was hoping it would do better than what they projected. The first day gross nearly had him gasping for breath in incredulity. But now, I hope it has sunk in his mind that Viva (who created the megastar) ha created a superstar.



    para sa aking bagong ka-close na c Ate Ash yan happy.gif

    Wow. Ang ganda naman ng article na ito..... I Think Mr. Isah V. Red became an instant fan of Sarah? I hope he did...... I can attest that the AVSL Film was really a blockbuster movie, I did watch on the first showing day @ Gateway Mall and lahat ng screenings talagang sold out na and mind you talagang nagbukas pa sila ng another cinema for other AVSL Screening, kasi nga ang daming pumipila to buy tickets. I know medyo matagal na ring tapos yong AVSL Movie, but I still have hang over, hahahahaha! I guess it's just proper na Sarah would be given a title that she will own? Although The Next Superstar tag is not bad, but only one own it, and it's Nora Aunor, siguro in time mabibigyan din ng proper name/title that fits Sarah, right? Thanks for sharing this article, cencia na po ngayon ko lang nabasa at ngayon lang ako na-aadict mag post dito sa forum, masaya pala, hehehehe! God Bless us all! smile.gif
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    Dapat lang pu tawagin sya SUPERSTAR!!
    Galing mo tlga!!smile.gif5.jpg
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    Idol Sarah deserve it,magaling naman kasi sya sa laht ng ginagawa nya kasi pinagbubutihan nya...
  • edited 6:50AM doubt...SARAH is really a SUPERSTAR...she's dserving 2 be a superstar..'coz sarah is d best and gifted!.. 14.jpg
  • kayshlee wrote on Oct 29 2008, 07:14 PM: doubt...SARAH is really a SUPERSTAR...she's dserving 2 be a superstar..'coz sarah is d best and gifted!.. 14.jpg

    i totally agree with u..
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