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Mga patikim sa likod ng camera……I'm hearing that this thread is turning into a mess. What's the going on? I read through the thread last night and it appears there's a lot of OT about comments directed toward Star Cinema for all this Rayver-Sarah news instead of John Lloyd-Sarah. Then also apparently some (seemingly harsh) posts about why we are screening off-cam pictures when we allowed them for AVSL.


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    hey guys,
    i think we really need to pin down the source(s) of the instructions that we are receiving. ate gina got reprimanded. but ate mel says star cinema said it's ok.
    so who do we follow? we at just wanna do what's within the limits set by the movie outfit.
    ayaw nating makasira sa movie, pero at the same time, how do we know kung nakakasira na tayo?

    sana people will understand this is nothing personal. if it were, then sana nung una pa lang na-hide na yung thread.
    look back on earlier posts, meron na rin spoilerish (kotse scene of sarah and jlc) pero di lang natin napapansin dahil sa excitement.
    AND, spoilerish nga ba, or KJ lang yung star cinema? hehehe!
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    Unang una palang I saw trouble na talaga sa ganito.

    Tsk tsk, teka, si ate gina na reprimand? hmmmm...ate mhel said its ok. Star cinema is saying spoilerish?

    Str Cinema ang susundin natin di ba ate beng? since sila ng boss. Hay naku ewan. Madugo! Haha...kayo na ate beng and ton ang bahala.
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    di ko rin alam sino ang susundin mommi I eh. i guess they (star cinema and viva) have to talk about it among themselves tapos i-advise na lang tayo kung papano nga ba.
    magkaiba kasi nagbibigay ng instructions eh, kaya parehong tama, at the same time parehong mali. tongue.gif
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    update (thanks agentO for the inputs! spoton.gif alt=':T' ] )

    as it is, naglalagay na po ng disclaimer ang mga nagpopost sa YCML BTS thread. it wasn't imposed, but since they're doing it naman, wag na nating pigilan. hehe!
    if we see super spoiler pics, at walang disclaimer, i-hide po natin yung post lang, then send a PM sa member (saying it's under review) so they are informed and won't run amok sa public threads. tongue.gif

    for the rest of the posts na hidden dito, it might be best po siguro na hayaan na munang hidden until ipalabas yung movie? or at least sa premiere night? hehe!

    feel free to throw in your thoughts guys! tenks! smile.gif
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    hey pips!

    i was looking through the first few pages of this invi thread last night... most of the images were removed from the user's photobucket account naman po. it's still up to them if they will move back the pics para maging valid links ulet.

    on that note, should we bring back the posts na since the movie is now showing? smile.gif
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    anybody home? hehehe! [img] i'll be bringing back the posts of others that i can recognize. pag di ko sure, iwan ko na lang din muna. hehehe![/img]
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    hey guys, i already moved back the YCML BTS pics in the forum. fyi. happy.gif
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    Thank you Ms. O!

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