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our dedicated serverAfter talking/chatting with the bossings with regards to my/our dedicated server, I think it's ok now to share with the upper staff everything regarding this server. If you don't like technical things though, for the most part you won't care about this post tongue.gif alt=':p' />

By the way, this info does not leave this thread. It is only meant to keep you informed on every move I do with our server and other things related to the server (such as donations). Please keep this in mind and remember it.

The Basics

Birthday: September 10, 2007 (2 years old)
Server Name: EMERALD
Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN): EMERALD.ADENOSKI.COM
Location: Michigan, USA (Central Time)
Originator: Liquidweb Inc. (www.liquidweb.com)
Original monthly cost: $194/month (first month $444 inclusive $250 set-up)
Current monthly cost: $234/month
Estimated yearly cost (12 month calculation): $2,808

Total donations received from SG.COM members: $760 (this is overwhelming)


CPU: Intel Core 2 Q6600 (4x 2.40 GHz)
RAM: 4GB DDR2-667 (Upgraded from 2GB)
Primary Hard Drive: 500 GB
Secondary Hard Drive: 250 GB (used for backups)
Total monthly allotted bandwidth: 3000 GB outgoing, 3000 GB incoming
Network bandwidth providers: AT&T, Level3, MCI, Savvis - multi-homed
Total upgrades from original configuration: 2

Installed Upgrades:

Memory upgrade to 4 GB (up from 2 GB) - monthly cost increase by $20/month - Completed September 14, 2008
Hard Drive upgrades (Primary 160 GB -> 500 GB and Secondary 160 GB -> 250 GB) - monthly cost increase by $20/month - Completed March 11, 2009
Bandwidth allocation per month increased to 3000 GB from 1600 GB - no monthly cost increase - Completed September 22, 2009


Average Daily Visitors (Unique): 6000
Average Monthly Visitors (30-day extrapolation): 180,000

Average Daily Bandwidth (current month): 6.63 Gigabytes
Average Monthly Bandwidth (30-day extrapolation): 198.9 Gigabytes

Record Visitors in a Single Day: 12826 (April 13, 2009 - USA Pacific Time)
Record Bandwidth Usage in a Single Day: 14.56 Gigabytes (Nov. 9, 2008 - USA Pacific Time)

Still collecting data...

Possible Future Upgrades:



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