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Happy 21st Birthday Sarah!In celebration of Sarah's 21st birthday, the staff of would like to welcome everyone to the new version 3.0!

The homepage and gallery have a fresh, new look with more improvements to come in the future. You can now download all of the beautiful wallpapers, avatars and banners that we have collected over the years. The forum will receive its upgrade over the next few weeks as well. Meanwhile, enjoy the new site and feel free to drop by the forums and give feedback. Alternately, you may email

To Sarah, Happy 21st birthday! May God continue to bless you with more success in all aspects of your life, and we are with you every step of the way! We wish you all the best, from all of us here at, members and staff!

Lastly, I would like to thank all of the wonderful staff and members of the site especially Ate Bheng, MsIndependent, Ate Jede, Celeste, reenstar, Kuya Adeno, James(jotg), Outrigger and to Mark of MakSpot for making this happen.

Again, Welcome to Version 3.0


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    Happy Birthday Sarah!!! 6.gif alt=':6:' ]

    Congratulations! da best SG site evah! buttrock.gif alt=':rock:' ]

    and Congratulations to everyone involved in the launch of v3! spoton.gif thanks guys!
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    Cool. spoton.gif alt=':T' ] Speechless ako. Salamat po sa lahat ng bumubuo ng SG.c. worship.gif alt='worship' ] Happy Birthday ate Sarah as well. [img] *Checking and enjoying it now while smiling. *Naaliw naman ako sa effects.[/img]tongue.gif
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    nagulat ako! kala ko mali site napuntahan ko!

    ang ganda! tnx po! congrats! 20.jpg
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    All I can say is WOW! What a birthday treat for our dear princess. Great job for all those involved in making this possible... is the best!

    Happy birthday SARAH!

    ... time to explore the new site version smile.gif
  • outriggeroutrigger One SG Force
    edited 8:54PM v3 is worth the wait! worship.gif alt='worship' ] Congrats, staff!

    Happy 21st Birthday, Sarah!!!! Thanks so much for just being you, and for bringing us fans together and paving the way to create bonds and friendships. [img] Group hug![/img]6.gif
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    ang galing! astig! ang ganda!!! lahat na! 14.jpg alt=':142sgThumb2:' ] 20.jpg alt=':20sgClap:' ]

    pagkakita ko akala ko nasa ibang dimension ako 51.jpg alt=':51sgDOK:' ] ang galing talaga! leveling! 21.jpg alt=':21sgBungi2:' ]

    muntikan pa akong hindi makaalis sa homepage! 13.jpg

    Congratulations & thank you po staff!

    Happy Birthday Sarah!!!

    wish you good health, more blessings & more happiness! [img] may all your wishes come true... happy birthday! God Bless You Sarah G...[/img]
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    Congratulations version 3.0! 5.jpg

    Ang ganda ng home page natin.

    Thank you to everyone who are involved in making this happen. SG.Com is the best 5.jpg

    This is indeed a very nice gift to Sarah's 21st bday celebration.

    Happy 21st Birthday & Thank you Sarah for being the reason in bring us together. Because of you, I gain new friends from all over the Philippines and the world. We have one thing in common, and that is YOU. Our love for you, binds us together. Don't ever change Sarah. Don't let the world of showbizness corrupt you. We are always here to support you.

    (Back to browsing version 3.0)
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    wooohoo!! Congrats SG.Com! ang galing talaga ng mga gumawa nito! ang galing niyo! astig!

    Happy Birthday, Sarah!! wish you many many more years of blessings! and also sa!

    Power hug!
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    chinek ko pa ulit kung tama bah yun pinasok ko.. toinks..

    congratulations v3.0! biggrin.gif
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    Happy 21st birthday Sarah!
    Congrats! ang Ganda-ganda! ang Galing-galing! what a wonderful gift to Sarah! Thank you to everyone behind the launch of this new SG homepage. the best kayo talaga!
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    it's a delight, an honor na makasabay ko po kayo...these great minds with brilliant ideas!
    ganda ng new site talaga!

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    yaay! yahoo.gif alt=':yahoo:' ] loove loove the v3! maraming salamat po sa mga may gawa! worship.gif alt='worship' ]
    happy 21st birthday ate sarah! yay.gif
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    ^reen, salamat din sa artworks! spoton.gif alt=':T' ] sleazy.gif
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    wow!!! ang ganda!!!! ^_^

    happy 21st birthday sarah!!!! 45.jpg
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    O! Naiba yata? that was my first reaction. Pero ang galing, galing, galing!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats to all the staff. Wish ma meet ko kayo personally as well as Sarah, Kelan kaya iyon? [img] Emoticon3.png ][/img]
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    Fantabulous!!!!! Talaga namang iba ang dating, may effect sa bawat bumibisita. Congrats to those who sweat and work hard in making this change possible. We owe you big time. May God richly bless you all and to our Dear Princess...Happy return of the day, may you have more of them in the years to come. Love you... 45.jpg
  • msindependentmsindependent Popster
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    ito group hug ko Ms. O!

    hug to the staff; hug to the wonderful, awesome admins!; hug to Makspot and jotg!! galing!!

    Congratulations to us! Another milestone!! YAY!!

    I agree that because of Sarah, we found each other! Happy 21st Birthday Sarah!! Dalaga ka na!!
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    Same as others - I thought it was other dimension...on an instant data recovery button sana agad..hahaha.

    CONGRTAULATIONS!!! Admins..Job well done.. basta sama sama on same directions iba mararating.. Kakaiba...

    Happy Birthday !! Sarah.
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    wow ang galing galing!!! talented talaga mga popsters mana kay bebe sarah

    and of course 2 our PRINCESS happy happy birthday SARAH
    we love you
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    yes nman!!!!

    happy birthday ate sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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