ASAP Pop Viewers Choice Awards 2009

vote vote vote!!!ASAP 09 Pop Viewers Choice Awards 09!

be ready popsters!

to vote!

POP FA A ( fav. female artist)
POP SONG A (fav. song - YCML)
POP ALBUM A (fav. album OPM)
POP KISS A ( fav. sarah and jlc)
POP MOVIE A ( fav. movie YCML)
POP LOVE A (fav. love team sarah john lloyd - ASHLLOYD)
POP MS A (fav. movie theme song YCML )
POP MS B ( fav. movie theme song Something New In My Life)
POP FP A (fav. female performance dahil minahal mo ako)
POP MV A (fav. music video YCML)

send it to
2331 for globe , tm and sun
231 for smart and TNT



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    bilis talaga heheh

    get ready to vote!!!

    excited na:D

    too bad i cant vote hehhehe
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    kristian l wrote on Oct 25 2009, 12:38 PM:
    bilis talaga heheh

    get ready to vote!!!

    excited na:D

    too bad i cant vote hehhehe

    get ready na talaga!

    ang importante promote tayo nang promote

    at FULL FORCE dapat tayo!
  • LANDSLIDE ulit ito!!! yahoo.gif
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    45.jpg ang bilis 45.jpg

    hakutin ang award., 45.jpg
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    4 noms okay na di yung super dami
    para for sure manalo heheh

    ok ba?heheh'

    ok din kung madame hehe
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    be ready & get ready 4 this! THIS IS IT!

    regards to all!

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    lets vote!!!!!!!
  • vote vote vote na!! 45.jpg this izit!!
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    kelan ba pede mgvote? next week ba?

    super duper mega excited na ako sa concert ni Sarah.. first time ko.. haha..
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    Yeah! Power Vote na tau!

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    Ihanda ang mga cellphones!
    Bumili ng maraming load.
    Magparehistro at bumoto hindi pa sa Halalan dahil malayo pa yun...
    sa Pop Viewers choice awards ng ASAP 09!!!!! Lol

    paniguradong maraming nominasyon na nman si SG.
    ang maraming panalo ay sigurado na rin. Lol
    [img] Emoticon2.png ][/img]
  • go go go popsters...
  • outriggeroutrigger One SG Force
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    gear up, peeps! 45.jpg
  • tita cristytita cristy Popster
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    I was in ASAP live kanina kaya hindi ko nakita itong ASAP POP VIEWERS CHOICE AWARDS sa screen. Please kung sino man ang nakaka-alam ng keyword on how to vote SARAH here, post it at once. Last year out of 9 nominations i think, 7 awards were bagged by SARAH. This year, almost the same din siguro coz she has also a movie, YCML. Last year it was AVSL.

    Guys, vote religiously and show to all especially kay Kris that SARAH is the number 1 female star today and forever.
  • tita cristytita cristy Popster
    edited October 2009
    Yung pang call ng GLOBE Tattoo Unlimited baka pwede nating gamitin pangboto and stil we have extra load for unlimited texts for 5 days for only P150. Buy the sim now and vote at once pag alam nyo na ang keyword.
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    who went to the ASAP taping? i'm sure namention na dun ang nominees.. baka mamaya nagsstart na ang voting.. sana may makapagsabi kung san nominated si Sarah para makaheadstart na tayo biggrin.gif
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    OK! heheheh...
    umpisa na ng paghahakot ng mga awards smile.gif
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    how do we vote at I went to the site but I can't find the link on where or how to vote?

    Thanks and best regards to all
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    popsters ready?! ready! buttrock.gif alt=':rock:' ]

    let's keep our ears and eyes open for the categories. excited na ba kayo? sleazy.gif
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    tnx for sharing....

    this sunday palang po papakita ung mga keyword...
    bali sinabi palang po ung pop viewer's choice na magsstart na next week...
    power vote nanaman po tayo....
    GOD BLESS....
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