Buhay estudyante...


"It's not the student's fault if he fails in his subjects."


"Because the year only has 365 days."

And when you take these factors/things into?consideration...

1. Sundays - 52 Sundays in a year. Sunday is rest day.? Therefore...

Days left: 313.

2. Summer - 50 days of very hot weather. Mahirap mag-aral kapag mainit.

Days left: 263.

3. Sleep - Kailangan ng 8 hours araw-araw, hindi ba? Calculate. This

equals to 130 days.

Days left: 141.

4. Relaxation - kailangan mo ng isang oras per day, sabi nila (for good

health); which translates to 15 days.

Days left: 126.

5. Pagkain - tatlong meals, snacktime, 2 hours estimate para sa pagche-chew

properly; equals 30 days.

Days left: 96.

6. Chit-Chat - "man is a social animal". So sabihin na nating isang oras

bawat araw kang nakikipag-chikahan; total: 15 days.

Days left: 81.

7. Exams - per year, mga 35 exam days.

Days left: 46.

8. Festivals/holidays/mga araw para sa RALLY o MOB - 37 days.

Balance: 9 days.

9. Illness - nagkakasakit ka rin naman minsan, hindi ba? Sabihin na nating

apat na araw kada taon.

Remaining days: 5.

10. Organizations/Extra-Curricular activities - siyempre may mga org

activities pa. So 4 na araw para dun, sabihin natin.

1 day left.

11. Tapos, that 1 day is your birthday. How can you study during that day?

Natitirang araw: 0, none.



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