‘Won’t Last A Day Without You’ showcases a different side of Sarah Ger

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‘Won’t Last A Day Without You’ showcases a different side of Sarah Geronimo
12/01/2011 8:58 AM
by: Rachelle Siazon

Last November 29, the red carpet premiere of Won’t Last A Day Without You at SM Megamall proved to be a huge success as Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson’s undeniable chemistry notched high on the kilig meter of hundreds of fans who came out to support them. The way the two delivered their scenes with such ease attested to their previous claims of having grown closer off cam. General opinion was that they look so good together that one couldn’t help but wonder if there’s a possibility that their love team might turn into a real-life romance.

But perhaps, one of the surprising parts in the film was Sarah’s portrayal of DJ Heidee (a.k.a. George Harrison Apostol), a so-called champion of the broken-hearted who deals with her listeners’ love problems with so much cynicism and bitterness. Sarah owned her character, which is a lot more grown-up compared to her previous roles in the big screen. While her flair for romantic comedy is still there, moviegoers would not see Laida Magtalas (You Changed My Life) or Roan Sanchez of Caloocan (Catch Me I’m In Love) in her this time.

Gerald, on the other hand, stayed true to form with his character Andrew Escalona, a renowned playboy who would make DJ Heidee’s life miserable until he finds himself falling for her after his journey to self-discovery. With his good looks and six-pack abs, Gerald didn’t fail to capture the audience especially the female fans during his kilig scenes with Sarah in the movie.

Thanks to Joey de Leon and John Lapus’s witty quips, moviegoers would find themselves laughing out loud, which somehow make up for the times when the dialogue would drag on too long and the scenes become clichéd. Other members of the cast include Megan Young, Nina Dolino, Cheska Ortega, and Robi Domingo.

Directed by Raz dela Torre, Won’t Last A Day Without You is now showing in theaters nationwide

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    Sana makanuod kami this weekend. GUSTO KO NA TALAGA MAPANOOD!!!

    Thanks po for sharing! smile.png
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    [font=comic sans ms,cursive]Thanks for sharing..more power to sarah..bring back all the glory to GOD..GODBLESS... 5.jpg 5.jpg [/font]
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    aba eh huwag ng magpa tumpik-tumpik pa manood na agad...
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    Im watching this again...and again....and again!

    To SaSa and GeGe - the new Queen of RomComs and the new King of Kiligness - hats off to you!

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    Im so addicted to the film "wont last a day without you'
  • Thanks for sharing
  • We'll watch it again!!!
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    sana tumawag ng general meeting para sa lahat ng fans club ni sarah and gerald
    para pagibayuhin pa ang panonood ng movie this second week para humataw pa
    ng husto sa takilya....
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