ANNOUNCEMENT: Posting etiquette

what to post or not postAs of the past few weeks, there have been a LOT of pasaway members joining in the forum to simply disrespect Sarah or even other artista. While the forum is open to discussion, it becomes closed when members begin to stir up negative thoughts among other members of the forum. For that reason, we will be restricting the posts of those guilty of this offense.

We're here as a community to support our prinsesa, Ms. Sarah Geronimo; we even have a section for other artists also. But this is not a place for heated debates based off of your opinions. Take it elsewhere. Healthy competition is nice, constant arguing for no reason at all but to annoy fans is not acceptable.

Again, this is a community for Sarah and her fans/friends. You are here because you support her. There is no place for people who hate in a community like this one. I will tell you now that if you come here simply to post negative comments, it would've been better if you had not come here in the first place.

So for those who are fans/friends of Sarah, you are welcome here.. enjoy your stay and post often happy.gif alt='^ ^' />

For those who come to hate, leave now. Unless you'd like to see what we can do here happy.gif alt='^ ^' />.

edit: members, I am requesting your help.. if you find someone not acting properly within the site, please inform us right away and we will take care of it ASAP. Thanks.

edit2: NEW MEMBERS, take note that we will NOT tolerate rush posting into 60 posts just so you can view videos.. this is an absolute no-no nono.gif alt=':nono:' /> You're not part of the community if you simply rush into 60 posts, stop, and just download the videos? If you do this, expect to be suspended.. so please don't do this. Thanks happy.gif alt='^ ^' />

sarah4ever.gif alt=':sarah4ever:' />


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