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article on Star Studio MagSarah from A to Z
by Arnel Ramos

We take all 26 of the English alphabet to describe teen singing sensation Sarah Geronimo and her afternoon drama.

A- Approachable

Seek Sarah out, tell her you'd like to ask a few questions and she'll instantly beam: "Sige po!" but this air of approachability extends over to her direks John-D Lazatin and Ricky Rivero, from whom there are no small questions, only small answers. You won't have a hard time making them talk but in jotting down what they have to say-- which is a lot we must say.

B- Broken Vow

a.k.a. the Sarah and Mark (Bautista) theme. Mark Bautista plays the lowly jeepney barker Baste who only has eyes for Sarah. "Pag nagkakatampuhan sila sa story, yun ang background music."

C- Child

That's how Charlie Mac, Nemoy- The bestfriend of Baste- in the series, describes Sarah. "Bata pa talaga siya. Para lang siyang naglalaro sa set. Pero hindi naman isip bata. Alam niya kung ano ang ginagawa niya. Pero she makes sure na nai-enjoy niya 'yung trabaho."

D- Dirtiest house in Manila

When in comes to bluntless, Gloria Diaz is still peerless. That's how she decribes the house in Pinaglabanan, San Juan (two of the venues used in the soap) She surveys the ceilings and smiles wryly. "Pero okay na ngayon. They're starting to clean it up."

E- Exciting

Second unit Director Ricky Rivero looks forward to reporting to the set twice a week. Helming the show, he says, is a blast. "Palaging masaya sa set."

F- Fan

"Fan na fan ba ang dating ko?" Direk Ricky asked us once. He was raving then about Sarah's inherent as an actress. "Yung mga hindi pa fans ni Sarah, with this show, magiging fans na niya."

G- Gatorade

To combat the pagod and puyat of tapings that last up to the first glimpse of dawn, Sarah drinks this energy beverage.

H- Heart

Unlike other soap opera stars, Sarah has loads of it. The creative think-tanks try to keep the creaky elements of the story from overwhelming the overall tone of the show.

I- Irrisistible

"It's an offer you can't refuse." explains Nikki, Sarah's Viva handler, when we asked what made Sarah accept the show.

J- J. Basa Street

J. Basa Street in Pinaglabanan, San Juan doubles for New York, Cubao where Sarah's family in the series lives. "Mas madaling mag-taping dito kesa sa Cubao kasi mas tahimik at cooperative ang mga residente." A member of the production staff discloses.

K- Kuya

That's how Sarah addresses Mark Bautista, one of her three prince charmings in the soap. That just about shatters any hope for a real-life romance between the two. "Hindi naman ako pedophile," Mark laughs. Not only that-it would be incestous.

L- Lovable

We field the question, "How would you describe Sarah in one word?" Gloria Diaz replies with typical candor, "She's not gorgeous pero she's lovable naman. She grows in you." That's eleven word, Miss D.

M- Mahiyain

Her co-stars have made much use of the word 'Mahiyain' to describe Sarah. Ask Aiza Marquez who plays Jasmine, her bestfriend in the show, or even the eight-year-old Eliza Pineda who plays Belle, Sarah's kid sister. On the second thought, we honestly think that's partly what made Sarah the present day Princess of the masses. Everybody loves an underdog!

N- Naks naman!

Other young stars freely say "P_____I__" like it was the most normal phrase to utter. Sarah is not part of that tribe. Her favorite expression is better, even innocent sounding "Naks naman!"

O- Opo

Sarah is anything but eloquent. Pero mamahalin mo siya sa kasimplehan niya! In tribute to other singing star who was in her heyday, a phenomenon, Sarah also like to punctuate and embellish her sentences not with periods or commas but with po's and opo's.

P-Paano kita mapasasalamatan

It's Sarah's song for her rich grandfather Lolo Vincent (Jaime Fabregas) in the story.

Q- Queen

At first, Sarah was promoted as Popstar. Now she's being heralded as the Teen Princess. Mark our word! Sarah's queenship is just a matter of time.

R- Rap

In the show, she also tries her hand at rapping. "yung dalawang half-brothers ko po sa story, members ng Salbakuta." Sarah says.

S- Siesta

The afternoon we were at the Pinaglabanan set, Miss D (Gloria Diaz) was taking a nap. but we like her better fully awake. The former Miss Universe is an engaging talker; eloquence is a second skin to her.

T- Take two

The staff loves Sarah for always saving on the negatives. That's the most number of take she'd have. "Otherwise, lagi siyang take 1" Direk Ricky Rivero confirms.

U- Unan

Almost everyone in the cast brings an unan with them for the round-the-clock taping.

V- Victorious

Sarah gives her all to everything she does. "Laging bigay na bigay," Direk Ricky offers. "Kaya lagi rin siyang wagi."

W- Water

Sarah clings to her bottle of water everywhere she goes, like it's a matter of life and death.

X- ?

We ask Gloria Diaz tentatively, "Is there any word that begins with letter X that can describe Sarah or the show itself?" She gives it a few seconds' thought, then responds; "absolutely none!" Well, we couldn't think of one either.

Y- Yaya

Sarah grew up without a nanny. "Hindi po namin kayang magbayad ng yaya!" Sarah says. With the money she's earning now, she can afford to have as many yaya's as she fancies.

Z- Zero camera sensibilities

When we started taping, I noticed that Sarah had zero camera sensibilities," Direk John-D Lazatin shares. "Hindi niya alam kung saan ang anggulo niya. Kung saan tumatama ang ilaw, etc. etc.," but at the rate she's going, Sarah has clearly improved on that area.

(Star Studio Magazine/May 2004 issue)


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    X- is for X-factor is a person that has a star quality. Sarah G has the X-factor and a triple threat she can sing, she can dance and she can act. th_GoSG.jpg
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    From.. A to Z

    A - artistahin ang dating..
    B - Beauty and brain
    C - cute
    D - Diva's Princess 11.jpg alt=':11sgMuni:' ]
    E - emote.. grabe walang tatalo.
    F - Forever fan of Sarah ( kilig to the bones anong say mo walang ko-kontra )
    G - Go, sarah Go!
    H - haaaaaaaaay, kung bumirit basag lahat ng wine glass sa bahay ko.
    I - Idol ng lahat ng tao mapa-bata o mapa-matanda na tulad ko
    J - jokes n'ya grabe and dating..
    K - Kikay, si Sarah lang ang bagay mag-dala
    L - Love ko na s'ya ( Oh, again walang ko-kontra )
    M - Ma-beauty, at mabuti ang ugali ni Sarah.
    N - Number one si Sarah sa list ko 14.jpg
    O - Over loving, pag-dating sa family niya
    P - Pa-cute pa raw si Sarah, Pero kilig naman ako tuwing pina-panood s'ya
    Q - Queen at princess ang title niya sa Pelikula.
    R - Remember Sarah, that she will go along way in her career.
    S - Sarah Geronimo.. who will forget that name, not me not so ever..
    T - Teen Princess, forever..
    U - u are one of a kind.
    V - very down to earth
    W - walang ng tatalo pa sa kanya, at wala, rin ko-kontra sa mga comement ko 14.jpg
    X - xero ang point ng sino man ang gustong gumaya sa sytle ni Sarah.
    Y - Yaay!... si Sarah pa rin ang number one
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