Sarah in Chicago (Aug. 18, 2006)

Hi everyone...I just wanna share a couple of pics with Sarah...this was taken just a few hours ago and super baet at accomodating niya...this was taken from an exclusive visit to one of the healthcare agencies in Chicago.

I can't wait for tomorrow's concert...I'll post some more pics then.

P.S. Ok lang copy niyo yung pics just keep it as is with my initials on it. Thanks.




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    Aw you're so lucky! I feel like I'm the only one who hasn't seen her upclose and actually had a conversation with her. I've seen her in the LA concert but that's it. I didn't even get my cd signed haha. But yea she's so cute in those 2 pictures!
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    Wow!!! salamat dito...
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    you're welcome...yeah she's really nice, we were fortunate to see her, mark, jimmy and kris. she is everything i hoped she would be and more. super baet, humble and uninhibited. very far off from my past experience with some of philippines top artists.

    eto pa...


    sorry eto lang ma share ko kasi yung iba kasama na ako...nakakahiya. hehe...
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    Thanks mdv for the pixs....sana, pati yong nandoon ka,
    na-post mo para makita ka rin namin.
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    wow! looks well rested na si sarah jan... ayos! thumb.gif

    thanks for sharing the pics...
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    mdv315 wrote on Aug 18 2006, 08:50 PM:

    sorry eto lang ma share ko kasi yung iba kasama na ako...nakakahiya. hehe...

    Aww post it please!
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    aww, thanks so much for the pic! bungisngis power na naman si sarah! laugh.gif
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    sige na ate...share mo na samen ung pics mo with sure everyone will appreciate it and i believe that everyone here is good natured just like sarah...ahem
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    you're all welcome....nahihiya ako mag share ng pic na kasama ako ehehhe...pero sige na nga....
    anyway, mamaya na yung concert niya and ang ganda ng venue ng concert....share ko mamaya yung concert pics....

    eto na lang muna...


    natutuwa si sarah dun sa baby...pero di sa aken yung baby ha!
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    anf of course with Mark...Jimmy...and Kris....

    super baet den ng mga boys na to....humble and very accomodating....
    sana wag silang lahat magbago...


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    ngek...ang laki naman ng pics ko...ehhehe...mamaya ko na lang aayusin!
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    AAAAAHH! Nasa Chicago na!! Shoot naman, sayang hindi ako makakapunta sa concert. So close, yet so far away... bye2.gif

    Salamat for the pictures! I can't wait to see more from the concert!
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    wow thanks for the pics...sarah looks well rested...and mark looks so cute...the pinks that sarah wears look really good on her...
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    Wow..very nice pics mdv315..thanks for sharing...ang cute ni sarah nung nilalaro yung cute na baby...
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    As from TOS concert in Chicago.

    Inside Harris Theater in Chicago - ganito kadami ang tao...SOLD OUT ang concert from balcony to the main floor....super dami ng tao!










    and for all the Mark Bautista fans....he was actually singing to my friend dito....



    ENJOY....please don't change the name sa pic if you're going to copy it or if you're going to add something to it please let me know naman, ok lang naman sa aken basta sabihin niyo muna. Dito ko lang balak i-share ang mga pics na yan so ENJOY niyo na!
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    here are some vids for you guys to view..........thanks to my hubby! hehehhe...

    more to come........tulog na muna ako!
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    Great! Very Nice Crowd!Thanks mdv315! Sarah looked refreshed and well rested..
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    Here are pics of sarah, mark, chris, and jimmy when they visited one of the sponsor's house on Friday. It was pretty exclusive where those who were there were just friends of the sponsors.





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    wow! and they were also showing the TOS concert (dvd), he he he
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    Thanks mdv315 for the pix and vids cool....Daming tao thumb.gif alt=':thumb:' ]

    Thanks CAng2g sa pics.... swerte naman nila... biggrin.gif
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