sarah you are the life of your fans and i am 1 of

sarah geronimo you are the light of all your fans all over the world.dont worry you are already an international singer everybody knows you. but anyways if u have a friendster can u add me: ...and also i will watch your concert in las vegas this coming nov.12. i will celebrate my bday with you on your concert.i would love to see you perform in fron of me during my special day...that would be my happiest moment to be with you on that day and watch you perform.and also one more thing can u greet me in ASAP 06 show in ABS-CBN.i just want that to be a bday gift for me...pls...just say "HAPPY BDAY TO CLARISSA OF SAN BERNARDINO,CA.....i will wait for that coz i always watch in ASAP every sunday the way i will be in the fron of your concert.i paid the VIP tickets just to see you clearly...takecare always and i wish that all i asked will come true...i know you had a big heart for your fans like me....mwuah..

I LOVE YOU!!!! anggaling.gif alt=':astig:' /> 6.gif alt=':6:' />
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