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    thanks for sharing smile.gif[img] Check Villar x752010.png ][/img]
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    i just finished watching GLEE's episode of Lady Gaga. lovin' it big time! music.gif alt=':music:' ]

    i love everything from this episode. wicked singing stuff, sad story though for Rachel and her mother. 63.jpg

    i can't wait for the next one again. go GLEEks!
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    i love the lady gaga episode too! spoton.gif alt=':T' ] although, i missed sue. hehe!

    siguro ang saya magtrabaho sa production staff ng glee. they get to play with all the cool costumes and make up. the KISS number was awesome too!

    hey, was it last week or two weeks ago na may dance routine sa mall. i saw jollibee on the corner! go Pinoy! buttrock.gif
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    Just finished watching the Funk episode (21) and as a trending topic in Twitter, I must agree, Poor Rachel because of Vocal Adrenaline esp. Jesse St. James. I hate them for hurting Rachel! sad.gif alt=':(' ]

    favorite ko din ang Lady Gaga episode. I love Kurt. wub2.gif
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