hello po i'm exquisite!

hello! ako po si exquisite made in the philippines but currently residing sa chicago illinois! simula bago pa si ms. geronimo sa tfc sinusuportahan ko na xa. nice to meet you all! sarah4ever.gif alt=':sarah4ever:' />


  • Hi yah exquisite!

    Welcome to SG.com!
    May the G-Force be with you!

    Enjoy your stay and keep on posting!
  • lovejoylovejoy Popster
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    welcome to SG.COM exquisite!

    thanks for supporting sarah!
    enjoy your stay here!!!!

    keep on posting!!!
  • adenoadeno Guardian
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    living in Chicago? I think at least one other member here is from Chicago also.. i invite you to join the international fans club of Sarah.. FSG International! happy.gif paging msindependent! laugh.gif alt=':lol:' ]

    welcome, enjoy your stay and have fun! happy.gif
  • jovelyn_83jovelyn_83 Certified Popster
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    Welcome po sa sg.com...Just feel at home....!
    Ang babait ng mga Popster lalo na yang si Kuya Toni aka Adeno at Ms.Independent....ahehehe!
  • welcome to SG.COM
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    hi!! welcome!!

    hehe bago rin ako d2 but from what i see, mababait talaga mga tao d2 =]
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    hi exquisite

    i like ur user name

    very nice

    welcome here at sg.c

    enjoy your visit and hopefully u make this ur home na rin happy.gif
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    hey there exquisite!!!!! welcome to Sarah's forum!!!!! have lots of fun here and keep on posting!!!!!!!!!!! wave).gif alt=':wave:' ] biggrin.gif alt=':D' ] happy.gif :thumbs:
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    Hi exquisite!!

    welcome to sg.com
    enjoy posting!!! :thumbs:
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