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Important!!! Please read this before posting!happy.gif alt='^ ^' /> We just wanted to welcome all the newbies to the forum. happy.gif alt='^ ^' /> Sana po mag enjoy kayo dito as much as we do! biggrin.gif alt=':D' />

Formal thread pra sa "get-to-know_me", pra d mawala mga newbies.

Pag newbie kayo, make a new thread. Don't introduce yourself dun sa thread na ginawa ng iba for theirselves.

You can upload your photo here! biggrin.gif alt=':D' /> wag lang po super laki! paki resize lang pag super laki.

Pag me tanong kayo! ask lan gpo kayo! sleazy.gif alt=';)' />

oh... lastly, say "Hi" to kuya Dan! tongue.gif alt=':p' /> hehehe...

*You may re-introduce yourself, pra dun sa nawawala yung old post nya about introducing himself/herself, here.

* * * Pls do not Reply to this Thread to Introduce Yourself.... Make a New Thread * * *


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    rolleyes.gif I can see dami hindi nag babasa ng rules.. kokonte na nga lang sinulat ko eh... I'm going to repeat na lang pra dun sa mga hindi nakabasa...

    1. Pag newbie kayo, make a new thread. Do not introduce yourself dun sa thread na ginawa ng iba para sa kanila.
    2. You can upload your photos here, wag lang po super laki! (no more than 400 x 500) paki resize lang pag super laki.
    3. Pls do not reply to this thread to introduce yourself.... I repeat, MAKE A NEW THREAD!
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    Hi everyone! wave).gif alt=':wave:' ]

    Just a quick reminder lang po... the Introduction thread is for introducing yourself to the community.

    Please post announcements, news articles and other thread topics under their respective subforums.
    We need your help in keeping our "home" clean and organized. spoton.gif

    Kindly call the attention of the staff (admins, moderators, content providers, etc.) when you see a thread or topic that's out of place.

    Thank you so much for your cooperation! spoton.gif
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