Looking back ... Year 2006

adenoadeno Guardian
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SG.COM STAFFWell.. 2006.. an odd year at the very least. It appears many things have changed among the faces and members of SG.COM. People come and go.. there are new forum regulars, as well as the same veteran ones who have been here since the beginning.

It does seem like work and other real life obligations are taking ahold of most of our times lately (including myself). In that sense, I miss the days back when I first joined in 2005.. more pasaway people (especially our own staff) sharing their thoughts and pasawayness with the forums.. I miss the good ol days sad.gif alt=':(' />

By 2006, we all saw SG.COM become the victim of a ruthless hacking.. almost completely destroying the forum to a point of no repair. That brought SG.COM to a new point.. a new forum.. the one we use now. There were costs and headaches, but the new forum has been doing very well for us, especially with the new Becoming theme in place as well as the non-expiring downloads system. SG.COM became a resource site for all fans of Sarah, but also became a haven for those seeking to download multimedia.

This site on it's own requires an incredible amount of dedication to maintain, and I thank all of you for helping to keep it alive.

We're now in 2007, what lies ahead? I know I have not been around as much as I should, but a lot of the work I do as admin, many of you will not see (unless you're really really observant). I am here for support: to support all of you, and to support Sarah. If you need help, ask me! I hope I don't seem that imposing as admin unknw.gif alt=':((' />, but I am a nice guy (supposedly)

This site can't be run alone.. we need everyone's help. Please do what you can. However, if you have important things to take care of besides this site, please let us know. People who are just around but don't say a word.. well we don't know what's going on with you unknw.gif alt=':((' />. So please keep us updated on yourself.

Here's to hoping that 2007 will bring out the best of our members, our staff, SG.COM, and of course, the best of Sarah. yes2.gif alt='U)' />

PS: we average 2000 visitors per month now, from 1100 since beginning of 2006.


  • ChairCChairC Bungi Fanatic
    edited 6:32AM
    will do my best to update the site as always. count me in 5.jpg
  • alamatpaulalamatpaul Bioman
    edited 6:32AM
    alamat in the hauz 26.jpg shades

  • mariammariam Pasaway Detective
    edited 6:32AM
    sorry po .. really busy talaga .. i'll be inactive for a while .. busy with studies 9.jpg alt=':9sgInakupo:' ] .. and may surgery me this monday .. 55.jpg
  • ChairCChairC Bungi Fanatic
    edited 6:32AM
    mariam wrote on Feb 17 2007, 11:39 PM:
    sorry po .. really busy talaga .. i'll be inactive for a while .. busy with studies 9.jpg alt=':9sgInakupo:' ] .. and may surgery me this monday .. 55.jpg alt=':55sgNaku:' ]

    27.jpg Outpatient? what happened?
  • lengleng Popster
    edited February 2007
    16.jpg alt=':16sgDimple:' ] hi to ol the staff of sg.com...

    i know im not here for the past year..iv been busy with my previous job.. was not able to use internet for the past year.. i even not able to attend popsters/sarah event..i dont have any thing i can contribute even for off cam thread..but i can assure u i do miss this site n whenever i do have a chance this site is the first thing i visit..its just that i dont have enuf chance to do my part...but i can assure u that if n when i have the chance you can count on me..so please accept my apologies for my absence for the past year and for the times i will be..and thank you for ol the things for this site..i salute ol of u guys..

    i do promise..if i have the chance..il give anything for this site..

    thanks guys.. 14.jpg

    i do ol miss u n my part for this site...
  • msindependentmsindependent Popster
    edited 6:32AM

    I know apologies din lang naman ang masasabi ko...but the year 2006 is the busiest for me too...ever since moving out of my father's house, to my new house...I don't have any access to TFC, and limited internet din since busy with work and school...pasensya na if I don't have any contributions last 2006....

    But I know Sg.com have been through even the toughest hackers..and I know, Adeno and Kuya C and kuya DAN..and the rest of the staff are very vigilant in watching and making sure that SG.COM will be accesible to the members, whose day is not complete if they do not visit the site.

    I thank you all, and I salute everyone who makes this website the awesomest website ever.
  • adenoadeno Guardian
    edited 6:32AM
    Thanks, I know what it's like to be busy.. kasi I can never seem to escape the feeling. Mga ibang staff natin, paramdam sana kayo.. at least we know you're still around
  • Baby NiqueBaby Nique Kwela Dyaryo Reporter
    edited 6:32AM
    Mm, i visit as often as i can po mga bossing.. Pero pahirap na ng pahirap ang schedule..Lapit na mga duty sa community at sa hospital. Huhu.. Pag may free time po ko, visit at post ako.. Pasenxa na po.. 42.jpg alt=':42sgCry2:' ] I'll do my best po para makabawi... 17.jpg
  • edited February 2007
    Hello po.. Gud Day po... Sorry po if hindi ako active sa site ngayon at nung 2006 kasi po busy sa school at sa bahay... Mahirap po pala maging Marino..hehe.. Sorry po talaga ha.. Pero Bumivisita pa rin po ako dito once a week, di lang makapagpost... sorry po, hope you will inderstand po.. Thank you po sa Mga Admin for maintaining this site... Ang galing niyo po talaga at nakakagulat , si sarah na ang mga emoticons...hewheh.. Mahal ko po kayo.. Gud luck sa lahat ng Admin, staff, members na bago at luma sa friends ko dito na di ko nakakausap ngayon... Musta na po kayo jan? ako eto ok lang, nagpapainit kaya mejo dark...heheh... Mabuhay.. 34.jpg alt=':34sgDimple2:' ] 54.jpg
  • PopsiePopsie Graphic Artist
    edited 6:32AM
    Hi guys! Waa!! Unang reaction siguro dito "Ehhhh!!! nabuhay si Popsie!!" lolz...

    Update sa life ku:

    - graduating na sa wakas
    - preparing for the exams
    - nag kasakit nag lose ng 12 kg lol
    - heartbroken since March 2007
    - hindi maka uwi sa Pinas dahil sa visa problem
    - nag hahanap ng work dahil kailangan ng mag bayad ng tax hmmm...
    - wala ng time sa website ni kahit anong activity online (kakamiss!)
    - nag aaral mag drive (har!har!har!)
    - buhay pa naman biggrin.gif

    Pasensya na kayo kung hindi na talaga ako nakaka visit dito at hindi ko na rin kayo natutulungan sa mga trabaho sa site. Dami na talaga akong hindi alam na bago sa site. Nahihiya na rin ako kila Kuya Adeno, and Kuya Chacri kasi la na talaga akong naitutulong sa inyo. Pati na rin kay kuya Dan, hindi ko na nagagawa yung duty ko as an admin, ni hindi ko na nga alam kung ano ba yung duty ko eh. lol haaaayyy...

    Hindi ko na rin alam kung anong nangyayari sa site, sana i update nyo ako kahit konte lang like summary or something. Andami ko ng hindi kilala rito lolz. I hope makabalik din ako pag maluwag luwag na rin time.

    Natatandaan ko yung days nun na kahit nasa school ako eh nag kakaroon ako ng time na mag open ng SG lol ngayon walang wala na talaga.. huhuhu... sorry guys.. sorry talaga...
  • AshYeLLowAshYeLLow Popster
    edited 6:32AM
    it's okay Popsie!! lahat nmn tau dumadaan sa ganyang situation...depende talaga sa availablity sa time at sa internet...

    so far so good ang pag pasok ng 2007 sa sg.com...sana magtuloy tuloy!!!

    gudluck sa lahat ng staff 14.jpg alt=':142sgThumb2:' ]

    Mabuhay ang sg.com 5.jpg

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