PSA: 406 Not Acceptable

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if you have ever seen this error, please report here!Hi fellow esgiecomians!

With the security being bumped up a few notches lately here, sometimes you may run into an error on the forum which results in what is called a "406" error.

What you will see is a white page with a "406 Not Acceptable" written on it. This is the security kicking in because one of its rules were triggered. I've had it happen to me before, so it's likely others may have experienced it too.

Hackers are pretty rampant lately (or I should say, always), and have been very good at being subtle. Good thing we have several ways of going ahead of them tongue.gif alt=':p' />

In any case, if you have seen this 406 error, please let us know so it can be fixed. Thanks!

Post Script: For the curious, PSA = Public Service Announcement tongue.gif alt=':p' />


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    oh, i thought PSA = Para Sa Adiks biggrin.gif

    noted kuya ton! thanks!
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    i had this error po when i was sending a personal message. I thought something happened to my server or what. But it was finally resolved, i didn't know how..

    nway, thanks po spoton.gif we'll inform you if this happens again spoton.gif
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