Sarah's Magic

a magic voicei really wonder y i can't even dare to blink my everytime she sings, its like she has a magnet on herself. :mwah1


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    She just has one of those special unique voices. That's what sets her apart from all these other singers coming up. When I hear the other up an coming singers, I think they are good, but I'm not really wowed by them. Sarah on the other, she just amazes me with every performance. That is what is so great about her. Every performance is special in its own way.
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    kakaiba talga ang voice niya. actually maraming magagaling n singers s industry pero pinakaiba ang kay sarah
  • msindependentmsindependent Popster
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    korek...magnet....enchanting...charming..yan si sarah..heheheh.
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    talaga po? meron siya nun kaya pala ako napapagawa ng tula.... hahahaha
  • AshYeLLowAshYeLLow Popster
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    and most of na yun!!!
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    Sana walang tao sa quarto mo AshYeLLow pag na hyptonotize ka. Baka ano pa ang pinagagawa sayo, lol.
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    Really Gina8? You don't blink everytime Sarah sings?
    Her voice... (Sarah's) is lyk an Angel...
    It's so Perfect!
    Isn't she like the NEXT Regine Velasques of the
    And Sarah is also the Concert Princess?
  • msindependentmsindependent Popster
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    lol @ JB..... laugh.gif
  • MaricrisMaricris Popster
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    Sarah's voice, napaka-special talaga, mafi-feel mo yung emotion ng song na kinakanta nya
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    Natumbok mo maricris! Pinupuno niya ng emotion ang mga kanta niya. Try nyo pong panoorin ulit ang CelineDIon Medley niya, when she sang Power of Love mangiyak-ngiyak pa siya it was great! Pero panoorin nyo rin yung its all coming back, walang katulad talaga! It was really intense! I even cry when I watch that segment.
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    I wish I could see her sing. :music Is she coming out with an new album anytime soon.
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    It should be out in a couple of weeks fil-am. Her single is out already.
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    Yeah... It SHOULD be coming out this month!!!
    Actually the release was suppose to be last month,
    but Sarah was busy with the NOTC thing.. the
    rehearsals and everything... yeah....
    And.... i just hope they get that CD out ASAP!
    I can't wait to buy it!!
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