To Sarah, My Beloved Princess Forever!

Sarah Geronimo Lusterio Comes To Melvin M. Lusterio!5.jpg alt=':52sgThumb:' /> Listen, My Beloved Princess Sarah Geronimo Lusterio, Come to Me, forget your own people and leave your father's house. For, I, your King, is in love with you. Your sons from me, I make them princes in all the earth and all the planets of the galaxies in the cosmos. I make your name to be remembered in all generations; thus, the people shall praise you forever and ever. Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm for eternal love is an everlasting life. Many have fall in love but my love for you is an eternal and perfect love. Amen! Alleluia!
Mrs. Sarah Geronimo Lusterio says, " Yes, I come to Melvin M. Lusterio in PNR Lines, Pagbilao, Quezon!" Amen! Alleluia! - Good Wisdom 14.jpg alt=':142sgThumb2:' />


  • Hello Sarah I am a New Fan of yours and I am from Miami Florida. First, you are one fantastic singer I am yet to see your movies but by your vocal talent alone I am sure it is just as fantastic. Sarah if YOU actually read these I have a MAJOR REQUEST of which I would be grateful into INFINITY! I have a WONDERFUL GIRLFRIEND and she LOVES your music. She is ALWAYS so busy as a Head Nurse, I cry for her how hard she works. I love her dearly and her birthday is coming up and I wanna do something special for her that I know she deserves. Would it be possible out of the kindness of your heart to sign your latest album ONE HEART, So I can Surprise her? I would obviously buy the album and pay for any shipping. I REALLY hope this crosses your path dear. Be blessed and get even MORE FAMOUS worldwide! We need some more awesome singers like you! smile.gif
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