sarah geronimo the one

sarah geronimo the onehello sarah,,pround aq n nkita n kta s personal,,ang sarap pla mnuod ng concert moh,,
kh8 hnd alm ng parents q n nanuod aq ng concert moh,sna nxtyr mron k ul8 concert,,
pg iipunan q ul8 un,,VIP nman bi2lhn qng ticket,,pra mkta kta ng mlapitan,,
i love you sarah,,UR the best no.1 ka s puso nmen n mga popsters 5.jpg alt=':52sgThumb:' />


  • Hello Sarah I am a New Fan of yours and I am from Miami Florida. First, you are one fantastic singer I am yet to see your movies but by your vocal talent alone I am sure it is just as fantastic. Sarah if YOU actually read these I have a MAJOR REQUEST of which I would be grateful into INFINITY! I have a WONDERFUL GIRLFRIEND and she LOVES your music. She is ALWAYS so busy as a Head Nurse, I cry for her how hard she works. I love her dearly and her birthday is coming up and I wanna do something special for her that I know she deserves. Would it be possible out of the kindness of your heart to sign your latest album ONE HEART, So I can Surprise her? I would obviously buy the album and pay for any shipping. I REALLY hope this crosses your path dear. Be blessed and get even MORE FAMOUS worldwide! We need some more awesome singers like you! smile.gif
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