Forums up again (IPB 3.x active)!

adenoadeno Guardian
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The forums are still busy doing some cleanup here with older posts being converted to new ones, so if you see anything strange like missing images, please let us know. Over the next few days, we'll be making sure everything is functioning correctly. Facebook connect is in process of being set up and I'll update this first post with any related info so keep your eyes peeled. smile.gif alt=':)' />

In the meantime, enjoy the new look and I'll list all the new features here shortly.

Remember how I said the forums would look different, but familiar at the same time? biggrin.gif alt=':D' />

New features in 3.0.5:
- [url=""]Facebook Connect[/url] - link facebook accounts to your account
- Twitter tags in posts
- Advanced member profiles (status updates, etc)
- Heavy use of AJAX (same technology as google maps)
- Sidebar for active topics/watched topics (can be hidden)
- Private Messages are now Conversations and act like threads (you can converse with multiple people at the same time... aka facebook's messaging style?)
- Reputation System allowing for + and - rating for posts. (not active yet for members)
- listing more as I get to them...

Some broken things:
- Some icons are out of place (aka twitter bbcode icon)
- Pips (ranking icons) broken for post counts above 6x Platinum


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