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More new stuff!Hi everyone, just wanted to note the new things from the site. If you were online between 12pm and 3:30pm west coast USA time yesterday (Aug 9, 2010), I'm sure you noticed the downtime and random shutdowns of the site and server. Had to upgrade a few things on the whim, so I apologize for the sudden downtime. I typically give prior notice, but this one had to be done ASAP.

In any case, here are some of the new changes to our forum software:

New Mobile Look - If you browse SG.COM on a mobile device, there is now a theme built especially for you! Just use any mobile device to see the new look

Facebook Connect - Now more advanced than before, you can now do the following things
* Update SG.COM forum picture with your facebook picture
* Update SG.COM avatar with facebook picture
* Update your facebook status with your SG.COM forum status (SG.COM --> facebook)
* Update your SG.COM status with your facebook status (facebook --> SG.COM)
* Update your SG.COM profile "About Me" with your facebook "About Me"
* Synchronizes every 24 hours or you can manually synchronize it on your profile

Twitter Connect - brand new for 3.1.x
* Update SG.COM profile picture with your twitter picture
* Update SG.COM avatar with your twitter picture
* Update Twitter status with your SG.COM forum status (SG.COM --> twitter)
* Update SG.COM forum status with your twitter status (twitter --> SG.COM)
* Update your SG.COM profile "About Me" with your twitter "About Me"
* Synchronizes every 3 hours or you can manually synchronizes it on your profile

"Share this topic" - this new set of links/icons now exist on the bottom of every topic, making it easier to share any particular thread via twitter, facebook, and many other media sharing means.

Once you've connected either twitter/facebook to your account, you can also use either account to log into SG.COM.

Twitter/Facebook Connect can be accessed through your account profile when logged in. Just click your name on the top right of the forums, click My Settings, click the Profile tab, then find Manage Facebook Connect and/or Manage Twitter Connect on the left side.

Also, please note that if you wish to use both twitter and facebook connects, take care that you do not check all the options as they will override each other when the updates occur.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please let us know.

PS. there are some kinks to the current theme that are still being worked on, so pardon them for now. smile.gif alt=':)' />

PPS. I tend to give SG.COM updates on twitter, so you may follow me if you wish [twitter]adenoski[/twitter]


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