A Message From A Winnipegger

Hey ya'll! I just became Sarah G's fan when I watched a clip of her doing Beyonce songs. It showed that she can do better than just singing ballad. This was a risky step she took but she pulled it off! She has potential of being an International artist because I've seen a lot of international concerts including Rihanna's and Katy Perry's but she can do so much better. She has been a successful artist or actress but she had always stayed grounded. This is one thing that made me admire her so much! she doesn't miss to say "po's" out of respect to her fans and fellow performers when she's performing which also shows that she has love for her culture despite having the oppurtunity to travel around the world. I wish she comes visit here in Canada and hoping to see her live! I am just one of her million fans here in Canada that has the oppurtunity to share my thoughts. Thanks to a good friend that helped me find a forum like this! And I am really hoping that when I come visit Philippines, I can watch her sing live! I hope she continues to share such a wonderful talent! God bless you guys all!
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