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    dansarah4ever wrote on Oct 26 2009, 09:09 PM:
    di ko alam kung saan e post ito! peace po

    from wikipedia

    Popstar: A Dream Come True - Diamond Status
    Sweet Sixteen - 3x Platinum
    Becoming - Platinum
    Taking Flight - 2x Platinum
    Just Me - Platinum
    OPM - 2x Platinum

    link here

    I'm kinda sad about these two. kung kelan pa mga original songs ang nasa album, yun pa ang di napromote na maayos. sad.gif
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    kya nga go IDOL!!! kya mo yan!!!

    gud luck and reach the TOP!!!


    thanks for sharin' poh!!!

    god bless to all POPSTER!!!

    *POWER HUG!!!

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    i didn't know na may 22 levels. pero para maging diamond,need mareach hanggang octiple, diba? kelan kaya magiging octiple yung popstar: a dream come true ni sarah g? isang level na lang, hindi pa pinagbigyan. and i think impossible ung centiple sa atin.
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