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  • Martha- just gorgeous, everything about her Leah- she is such a cutie, and her personality matches it Belle- she is so beautiful in her own way. She has a beautiful personality as well
  • no1 answerd my question whats this about is there a new mtv unplugged coming or is the same one being re released i want clarifcation ?????????????????????????
  • good day to all of you this question is kinda stupid, but im wondering is there a way to make a track from scratch? thanks and more power
  • Yeah.....i agree,these 3 songs were beautiful,i loved the nice guitar work,Jewel is looking and sounding fantastic,i really enjoyed these videos,thanks Crawfy
  • ..hmm it aint funny sths wrong but we dont know what it is when were posting some pic from our comp its ok but when we try to post a pic made on our camera OUR OWN PICTURE IF U KNOW DAGOBERT WHAT IT IS we cant and wer not happy about it …
  • hi mayong aga sa tanan..namian gd ko sang site nga ni,damu gd nga information ang makwa mo di kag ofcourse very friendly gd ang mga members di...anyway may problema ko bala sa birth certificate ko from nso,sang nagkwa ko copy sa nso sang bc ko sala …